Welch's Is Looking Out For Parents This Time With New Canned Cocktails

Photo: Welch's


School will be out soon and parents will need to be prepared to entertain their kids with activities, snacks and juice boxes. Welch’s, the iconic brand known for making many juice boxes, now has something for adults with its new Welch’s Craft Cocktails.

Inspired by the brand’s “real fruit flavors,” the new ready-to-drink cocktails (a blend of vodka and real fruit juice) will launch with four flavors: Vodka Transfusion, Vodka Cranberry, Watermelon Mule, and Passion Fruit Mojito — each 5.9% ABV.

Vodka Transfusion features Welch’s Concord Grape juice along with ginger and citrus notes, while Vodka Cranberry boasts the tangy sweetness of cranberry juice. Watermelon Mule has a burst of real watermelon juice and the kick of ginger, and Passion Fruit Mojito offers passion fruit juice with hints of mint and lime.