Content Creator Goes Viral For Running A 10-Hour Marathon Inside Taco Bell

Photo: @ugh_madison


Taco Bell has been generating some significant buzz lately. From the unveiling of their innovation menu for 2024, the nationwide launch of their Big Cheez-It Tostada and Big Cheez-It Crunchwrap, and the return of their Nacho Fries. Now “Ugh Madison” brings the heat with her viral video, officially claiming the fame of becoming the first person to ever complete a marathon inside a Taco Bell restaurant.

Madison, who was fueled by Mountain Dew Baja Blast, Cantina Chicken Bowls, and Nacho Fries during this particular venture, is a popular content creator known for partaking in unusual challenges as @ugh_madisonn on Instagram and @ugh_madison on TikTok.

But this June, Madison shared a video on socials that went diabolically viral after she completed a 10-hour marathon on a walking pad treadmill inside a Taco Bell restaurant.  


“After 10 hours and three minutes, 26.3 miles and 58,000 steps, I am extremely proud to say that I am the first person in history to do a marathon at Taco Bell,” declared Madison triumphantly at the end of her social video. 

The saying goes "LIVE MÁS," but with her Baja Blast-filled water bottle, she took it a literal step further by completing an extra 0.1 miles past the standard marathon length – talk about RUN MÁS.

Taco Bell history was made this summer. Please give this girl a sponsorship because she’s earned it.