Twisted Tea Creates Pants That Help You Cheat In Golf

Photo: Twisted Tea

Twisted Tea Hard Iced Tea is making golf more fun (or at least faster) with its newest creation: Twisted Tea Cheater Pants. 


These branded pants come with an extra ball to discreetly drop wherever you'd like on the course. Simply place your hand against the hidden magnet in the special pocket and it will send the ball through a secret hole down your pant leg onto the green. 

"Golf is hard and so is our tea. That's why we're bringing our fans Cheater Pants, a never-been-done-before innovation to make their game as fun as sipping a Twisted Tea,” said senior brand director, Erica Taylor.

Priced at $18 per pair, Twisted Tea Cheater Pants offer unbeatable performance at an affordable price. Exclusively available on the Tea Store, these limited-edition pants will be released here.