Ohio Man Transforms a Fire Truck into a Mobile Taproom

If there ever were a Beer Hall of Fame to exist, I'm pretty sure Kevin Mullan of Toledo, Ohio would be a first ballot candidate Why? Well, the legend that is Kevin Mullan was able to transform a whole fire truck into a mobile taproom, filled with beer from the city's local craft breweries.


It all started when Mullan noticed a distribution gap between said breweries and thirsty fans at local events. He saw that there was a need for folks to effectively try all the liquid gold that local breweries had to offer. From there, he was able to source everything from Facebook Marketplace, including the fire truck and all the equipment needed to renovate it — all under a budget of just $15,000.

This epic mobile taproom was dubbed Tapped 419, and soon began to service local events, in turn boosting sales for the city's breweries. Once the pandemic hit, however, Mullan had to pivot Tapped 419's services, with a focus on frontline medical workers and those in need.

It's a heartwarming tale of resilience and charity, all thanks to Kevin Mullan's wild idea to turn a fire truck into a mobile taproom for the people.