Starburst Made An Un-Shareable All Pink Candy Pack That Can Only Be Opened With Your Fingerprint

Photo: Starburst

There's something about buying a fresh pack of Starburst that makes friends immediately ask for one. And while sharing is caring, be honest, sometimes you wanna keep the sweets to yourself. Luckily, the brand has created something special to remind fans that "You Are A Pink STARBURST" and should put yourselves first for a change. 


Now you can secure your sweets with the new All Pink Un-share Pack. As the name suggests, the pack was made to not share and can only be opened using your unique biometric fingerprint scan. Even sweeter, it's filled with all pink Starburst candy, arguably their best flavor. 

Aside from protecting your pink Starbursts, the special packs can also be used to store other special mementos. 

Between now and October 7th, fans that could use a little "me-first" love can also enter for a chance to win an All-Pink Un-share Pack by visiting

The Starburst All Pink Un-share Packs will remain a permanent shelf-item and can be found at retailers nationwide.