Stanley Just Dropped A Sleek 'Black Chroma' Collection

Photo: Amazon

If we've learned anything from the fans of Stanley, its that they love to line up at Target at midnight and trample people to get their hands on the latest limited edition color to either resell online or score for their 9-year old daughter.


Thankfully, the sleek, new Black Chroma Collection that just dropped is exclusively available online at Stanley and Amazon. Praise be. Unfortunately, just like all other Stanley collections, this one is already selling out. Which means you may have to shell out a few hundred dollars on eBay if you really want to add this new color to your collection.

Unlike the other fun, pastel, light-hearted colors Stanley has recently dropped, the new Black Chroma Collection features matte black with iridescent accents.

The Black Chroma Collection also includes three different cup sizes: 30 oz. Quencher ($45), 40 oz. Quencher ($55), and a 1 qt. Classic Legendary Bottle ($49). Yup, that's right, the classic green bottle that first dropped in 1913 now has a chic new look, too! Something to add to that Father's Day list this year?