Stanley Is Being Sued For Lead Contamination


This week, the parent company responsible for manufacturing the renowned Stanley Tumblers has faced numerous lawsuits from consumers alleging that the brand did not adequately disclose the presence of lead in their products.

To be fair, the part of the tumbler that contains some lead is the insulation at the bottom of the bottle, which people do not come into contact with, and was addressed by Stanley earlier this month.

However, in the recent filed suit, it allegedly notes that if the tumbler is damaged or worn, the seal can break and potentially expose the user to lead.


So how did we get from all the excitement and emptied shelves of Stanley tumblers to here? Concerns regarding lead content in the cups arose when several shoppers conducted lead tests on their tumblers at home and shared the findings on social media.

If you are looking to swap out your Stanley for a lead safe reusable water bottle, you may just have to stock up on Gen Z's new favorite brand, Owala, which is lead free.

While you may have a Yeti sitting in your kitchen cabinet, it's important to note that similar to Stanley, the sealing bead in Yeti contains lead in its composition, though it is fully encapsulated and inaccessible.