Shake Shack Brings Avocados Tableside

Photo: Shake Shack


Tableside guac is no longer just for Mexican restaurants. That's because Shake Shack and Avocados From Mexico have teamed for a new campaign that brings the experience to your burgers.

Shake Shack guests who order any sandwich or burger with avocado will have the opportunity to select their own fruit (yes, it’s a fruit) via Shake Shack’s Avocado Expert and receive a tableside slicing demo at select Shacks in New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, Texas and California tomorrow (April 25) and Friday (April 26). They'll be greeted by an expert in a special uniform who will present a selection of avocados to choose from (like a sommelier). The guest will then choose whichever avocado they’d like, followed by the Avocado Expert slicing it in front of them to add to their order.

For those without an Avocado Expert at their local Shack, Shake Shack and Avocados From Mexico are offering a free avocado add-on when guests order a sandwich or burger in store or via the Shack app or website from April 25 through Sunday (April 28). 


Customers can also enter to win a free trip to New York City for an exclusive visit to Shake Shack’s Innovation Kitchen and enjoy an exclusive avocado menu courtesy of Avocados From Mexico here.

The two brands aim to educate its customers on why using only the best ingredients is important and what makes avocados so delicious and nutritious. The fast casual chain serves food made with premium ingredients, and its avocados are no different - they’re freshly hand-sliced in-Shack every day, with no prepacked “spreads” in sight.