Pepsi And Bobby Flay Debut A Cola Cologne Inspired By Grilling

Photo: Pepsi

If dad’s fave place to be on Father’s Day is behind the grill, Pepsi and Bobby Flay have come up with something to make him feel like that EVERY day.


SMOKED, "a Grilling Inspired COLAogne," is the world’s first-ever COLAogne, designed to evoke the scent combination of Pepsi and a flame-fired grill.

"The world’s first-ever COLAogne is designed to reinforce just how well grilling and Pepsi go together. You don’t even need to fire up the grill to experience the joy of Pepsi and grilling – you can bask in the unapologetically delicious scent everywhere you go," said Jenny Danzi, Senior Director brand Pepsi.

You can try SMOKED for yourself at select Walmarts in Denver, Miami, and Philadelphia this Saturday, June 15. Pepsi is teaming up with Walmart at select Garden Center locations in these cities for the event.

SMOKED A Grilling Inspired COLAogne is only available for a limited time.