Papa Johns Introduces Crispy Cuppy ‘Roni

Photo: Papa Johns

People can't get enough of pepperoni and Papa Johns is showing them love with its limited edition menu focused on the beloved topping.


The pizza chain has just announced the limited time release of its brand new Crispy Cuppy ‘Roni menu. This launch offers three ways to enjoy the new cupping pepperonis from Papa Johns. 

Papa Johns NY Style Crispy Cuppy ‘Roni Pizza is a new take on the classic pepperoni pie with cupping pepperoni and tomato sauce served up in extra large NY-style slices. Those same ingredients also come together in the flatbread-style sandwich Crispy Cuppy ‘Roni Papadia. Rounding out the trio, Crispy Cuppy ‘Roni Papa Bites are a mix of cupping pepperoni, classic pepperoni, mozzarella, and a garlic parm drizzle encased in their original dough.

Papa Johns Crispy Cuppy ‘Roni lineup is available now for Papa Rewards loyalty members and for all fans on April 1, priced at $13.99, $6.99, and $4.99, respectively.