Ohio Town Treats Natives From Dublin, Ireland To Free Beer For St. Patrick's Day

Photo: Visit Dublin


The next time you experience a case of mistaken identity, buy that person a beer. That’s what one Ohio city with a very familiar name is doing.

To attract visitors from Dublin, Ireland, Visit Dublin Ohio is extending an especially warm invitation across the pond next month via free pints from March 8-18. 

Home of the largest three-day Irish festival in the world and ranked one of the top ten cities to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, Dublin, Ohio celebrates with a parade, the Celtic Cocktail Trail, and the St. Paddy’s Day pub crawl. 


“We’re proud to share a name, and we’d love to share a pint…or a few!” said Visit Dublin’s Marketing Director Sara Blatnik. “There are a lot of great cities in the U.S. to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, and we think we’re one of the best. We’re ready to show off our Midwestern hospitality to our other Dublin friends.”  

With a new Aer Lingus flight route direct from Dublin, Ireland to Cleveland, Ohio, Visit Dublin hopes this might be just the incentive needed to foster some cross-cultural connection. Historic Dublin (the one in Ohio) and Bridge Park, the trendy new local hotspot with shops, restaurants and more, is bustling. The Columbus Zoo, one of the largest in the United States, is only 10 minutes away. 

“We’re super excited to celebrate some fresh faces in our city,” added Blatnik. “Dublin values inclusivity, cultural exchange, and international partnerships and holds a Friendship City designation with Dublin, Ireland.”

Dubliners are already seeing billboards like the one above and digital ads inviting them to hop the pond for some free pints.