Idiot Punches Cop At McDonald's And Gets The Holy Hell Tased Out Of Him [WATCH]

Punching a police officer generally sounds like a surfire way to get yourself shot in some form. Luckily for this man who punched an officer inside of a McDonald's, he got away with a warning of sorts — by only getting 50,000 volts shocking him instead of a bullet to the ass.

The video shows a man squaring up on a female officer at the door of the McDonald's, as she tells him to get on the ground. She had her taser pointed at him the whole time, but he would not listen to her instruction.

The officer eventually holstered her weapon, and the man proceeded to punch her on the left side of her face. There wasn't much behind the punch, but it was a punch nonetheless.


That wasn't going to fly, so the cop took out her taser again and just shot it at the dude, as he flopped on the floor like Lebron James after getting fouled.

After getting a shock to his system, he eventually started cooperating, lying on the floor as the officer's backup was on its way.

Trips to McDonald's don't have to be this dramatic. I know it's irritating when their ice cream machine is broken, but as mad as it makes you, don't punch a police officer.

You know what, just don't ever punch a police officer. There we go. Sound advice from your friendly neighborhood Foodbeast.