Laffy Taffy Takes its Iconic Dad Jokes Into the NFT Space


Laffy Taffy is retiring its iconic ‘dad jokes’... sort of. 

On every wrapper since the 1980s, 15 of these puns will no longer be used on the candy. They will, however, live on in the metaverse as NFTs via the launch of its “Laffy Taffy Original Jokes” collection, providing fans a chance to own a digital asset featuring Laffy Taffy history. 

The “Laffy Taffy Original Jokes” NFT collection launches Wednesday, July 20, at 12pm ET in collaboration with Bitski, the blockchain wallet infrastructure provider reported to be backed by celebrity investors like Jay-Z and Serena Williams.


Laffy Taffy fans can visit the site for a chance to connect their wallets, complete an order and claim their free NFT on a first come, first serve basis. These one-liners will be placed in the Laffy Taffy vault and no longer appear on wrappers, but those who receive an NFT will be able to access them forever. 

The collection consists of 120 total NFTs, featuring 30 exclusives, minted and distributed randomly in various flavor and joke variations. There are 90 General NFTs minted as six versions of each joke with designs inspired by the candy’s vintage character art dating back to the 1970s in Banana, Cherry, Sour Apple, Grape, Blue Raspberry and Strawberry flavors. 30 One-of-Ones NFTs will feature an exclusive “shiny” subset of the collection featuring the most coveted designs to be randomly claimed during the minting process on launch day, which can then be sold and traded by fans. 

Jokes first appeared on Laffy Taffy wrappers in the 1980s as a way to provide free entertainment value . They began incorporating jokes sent by children and have continued to feature jokes on its candy wrappers to this day.