Hulu's New Pizza Competition Show Sets Out to Prove Who’s the 'Best In Dough'

Photo: Hulu

It’s well known that pizza is arguably considered the most popular food in the world. From traditional Italian, to New York and Chicago, the range of styles are nearly endless. 


Looking to see who really has the sauce, Hulu has gathered pizza-lovers from all walks of life in the first ever elimination-style pizza competition show called “Best In Dough.”

Hosted by Wells Adams, from Bachelor In Paradise, and judged by Chef Daniele Uditi, restaurant creator and co-owner of Pizzana, the winner looks to walk away with some serious dough. It also features Chef Millie Peartree, comedian and food influencer Eunji Kim and baker Bryan Ford helping to fill out the panel of judges.

In “Best In Dough,” contestants will be battling for their piece of the pie and those who want the cheese will have their skills pushed to the limit. Check out the trailer below for a preview of the pizza madness:


To see who slices the competition, tune in to Hulu on Monday, September 19th.