Hormel Health Labs Debuts New 'Bread and Dessert Mix' That Helps People With Swallowing Disabilities

Photo: Hormel Health Labs


Bread is a ubiquitous food in most cuisines. For many, carbs are life. However, for those with dysphagia — the medical term for swallowing difficulties — bread must have a specific consistency to be safe to swallow. Hormel Health Labs' new and innovative 'Our THICK & EASY' Texture-Modified Bread and Dessert Mix, looks to make the consumption of breads easier for those with dysphagia.

'Our THICK & EASY' Texture-Modified Bread and Dessert Mix is made with enriched flour and is Kosher-approved.

Dysphagia affects up to 40 percent of those in skilled nursing facilities, and many others. Hormel Health Labs has prioritized the development of nutritional products that make dining easier for those challenged by dysphagia, with 'Our THICK & EASY' Texture-Modified Bread and Dessert Mix being its latest crucial innovation.