Hits Only: The 5 Best Dishes I've Had This Week

Expect the unexpected. From taking a wrong turn to having a staycation at a town I never thought I'd ever spend the weekend at, most of this week's five are the fruit borne from having no expectations.


Tinned Scallops w/ Sauce
Bank of Italy — Ventura, CA

Never would I have thought that Ventura would be a nice little staycation that introduced me to some gems like Bank of Italy, a stylish cocktail bar with a well-curated lineup of Italian bites. There's a small selection of tinned seafood that features this simply titled "scallop with sauce." An understatement of the year, given that this "sauce" was more like a potent oil given the power to reinvigorate even the most dormant of taste buds.

Stew Chicken
Roland's Jamaica Chicken — Irving, TX


Fellow Foodbeast, Marc, missed a couple turns to our Airbnb out in Dallas, placing our hungry stomachs in Irving, TX, where a cursory Google search for good grub lead us to Roland's Jamaica Chicken. Per the affable waiter's recommendations, we ordered the Jerk Chicken (of course) and Stew Chicken, the latter of which was one of the juiciest pieces of chicken I've had in recent memory. Truly more tender than the greeting cards aisle at the grocery store.

Tikka Masala Chilaquiles
Kaapicat Cafe — Ventura, CA

I was mainly drawn to this cafe because of it's unique name, whereupon the menu revealed itself to be an Indian-inspired spot. Never would I have imagined saying the words "Tikka Masala Chilaquiles" together in one sentence, but there I was reveling in robust Indian flavors applied expertly to the Mexican breakfast favorite.


Sama Wings
Strange Beast — Ventura, CA

Soy, tamarind, and butter teamed up to create an addicting glaze that clings to the chicken wings like it had separation anxiety. The resulting bite hummed with tang and umami, compelling my hand to reach for another wing.

Guava Cheese Croissant
Series A Coffee — Beverly Hills, CA

The food trend of peering into the delicious catacombs of a croissant's cross section has been one of my favorites recently. At Series A Coffee, the Guava Cheese Croissant revealed a vibrant fuchsia that decorated the insides with stylish flair, underlying the importance of how we first eat with our eyes.