This Foley Artist Recreates The Enticing Sounds Of TV & Film's Classic Food Scenes

Photo By: Ludwig Drums

Josh Harmon is a musician, comedian, and foley artist who has found a uniquely entertaining way to share his talents with the world. He takes clips from popular TV shows, movies, and games, then uses a simple drum kit, along with various bibs and bobs, to recreate the scene’s sound effects. With a skillset one could’ve only gained through years of practice and passion, there’s no surprise he’s amassed millions of followers across social media. 

Through a series called “Rhythms of Comedy,” Harmon has turned the comic rimshot into an entire career, showing us how the sounds we associate with things can often come from unlikely sources, all while using humor to make it fun. From childhood cartoons like Peanuts to pop culture classics like Elf, Harmon impresses.

Whether you’re a long time follower, or just hearing about this rhythmic comedian, we decided to put together a list of some of his best food related videos.

Satisfying Snoopy Sundae Sounds

Maybe it’s the piano or Snoopy’s look of enjoyment, but there’s something heartwarming and pleasing about watching this famous pup making an ice cream sundae. Harmon supplies the perfect sounds each step of the way, adding just the right touch to this classic scene.

Ned Flanders Special Hot Cocoa


Odds are we probably have the same facial expression that Bart Simpson has while watching Ned Flanders create that incredible looking hot cocoa. This scene actually happens to be one of the first that Harmon uploaded when he began “Rhythms of Comedy.”

Fruit Ninja Gameplay SFX

This classic, addictive game has cured boredom for countless people. Here Harmon recreates the pitch perfect gameplay, bringing us back to when Fruit Ninja was at the height of its popularity.

Pixar’s Turning Red Cooking Scene


When Pixar makes a food scene, it’s like our dream version of what cooking is like. Each sound for every step of this delicious animated recipe is skillfully brought to life by Harmon.

Elf Movie Coca-Cola Scene

Christmas just doesn’t feel right without watching the holiday classic Elf at least once. Using only a towel, glass of water, latex gloves, a bouncy mallet, slime, and his snare drum, Harmon amazingly recreates the sound of this Coca-Cola guzzling scene.

Squid Games Cookie Scene


A plastic bag of colored pencils is used with a hacky-sack to recreate a unique sound from this Squid Games scene. Harmon pulls it off in such a clever way that you marvel at how he even came up with it.

Ratatouille Test Kitchen Scene

Probably the most popular animated film involving food, “Ratatouille” gives us a detailed look behind the swinging doors of fine dining. In this video, Harmon removes all of the sounds, leaving only the recreated sounds of prepping ingredients.

Snoopy Popcorn Scene

If there’s one thing Snoopy loves, it’s whipping up a tasty snack. Harmon humorously recreates the sound of overflowing popcorn, something we’ve all probably experienced once or twice.

This is only a small few of Harmon’s entertaining recreations, which not only cover food scenes, but sports and popular interviews, too. He sometimes even teams with other popular musicians and plays more traditional songs. In each case, it’s a fun experience worth following and sharing with others. To stay in tune with Josh Harmon, follow him on Instagram and Youtube.