Doritos Unveils Its First-Ever Baja Blast Chip

Photo: Doritos


Diehard Mountain Dew Baja Blast fans have something new to celebrate, because the iconic drink is now available in chip form thanks to Doritos.

For the first time ever, Frito Lay, the maker of Doritos, is rolling out a Baja-inspired chip flavor dubbed, Doritos Baja Fiery Mango. The limited-time flavor is spice-packed and tangy, giving loyal Doritos fans an unexpected flavor experience. 

The new flavor comes as the Baja Blast celebrates its 20th anniversary. If you're a Baja Blast aficionado, chances are you're aware that the once-exclusive Taco Bell beverage is breaking tradition this year, as it commemorates its anniversary, with wider availability. As revealed earlier this year, Baja Blast is set to grace store shelves throughout the entirety of 2024, marking the first occasion in its history as it typically remains a seasonal offering.


And to extend the celebration, shoppers can find Doritos Baja Fiery Mango on grocery shelves nationwide for a limited time, beginning April 28.

The chips aren't all that's being offered — there's merch, too. If you purchase any Baja product, like the Fiery Mango Doritos, scan the packaging to unlock exclusive Doritos x Bajagear. The shop has T-shirts, electronics, beach loungers, socks, ice cube trays, Taco Bell discounts, and a limited edition Stanley Cup. Head to, so you don't miss out!