Denny’s Partners with Complexity Gaming to Amplify Female Creators of Color on Twitch

Photo: Denny's


Continuing to build upon their core values of commitment and inclusivity, Denny’s has partnered with Complexity Gaming on an female-focused celebration of lesser-known Twitch streamers from backgrounds of color. 

As one of America’s longest-running esports organizations, Complexity Gaming serves as the perfect conduit to amplify female voices and creators of color in the world of gaming and esports. Using the popular streaming platform Twitch, the inclusivity and awareness-driven campaign will tap into the growing influence of young content creators.

“This partnership with Denny’s uniquely embodies Complexity’s core values and commitment to inclusivity,” said Justin Kenna, CEO, GameSquare Esports. “We want to continue to create opportunities to showcase Complexity’s talented roster of women and creators of color, and this campaign will both recognize these creators and their viewers for their unwavering support.”


Denny’s aims to keep diversity on their menu by highlighting not only underserved streamers of color, but ones who maintain highly engaged communities. Sponsored Twitch livestreams will further spotlight Complexity’s diverse pool of creators, half of which are female. Beyond bringing awareness and recognition to their contributions to making gaming an inclusive and welcoming space, the campaign will reward the community with in-stream surprises and a variety of prizes.

Four livestreams will run between August and September featuring Complexity’s female talent, which includes Beccatilts, Emily Wang, Vicky Palami, and Ninjayla. During the streams, gamers will have the chance to win fun prizes through special Denny’s “pancake drops” such as free delivery, dollars off meals, merch, and more. Additionally, the campaign will mark the debut of Complexity’s newest content creators, Beccatilts and Emily Wang.

“Having fun with food is at the core of our brand personality and by collaborating with Complexity’s cast of inspiring female creators on Twitch, we’re embracing our mission while working together to improve accessibility and foster an inclusive online community,” said John Dillon, Chief Brand Officer, Denny’s.

For more information and to find out Complexity Gaming’s Livestream schedule, click here.