Del Taco Now Sells Their Signature Hot Sauces By The Case

Photo: Del Taco


Stop everything you are doing in this moment. Put the children away. Hang up with your mom. Whatever it is you think might be more important than what you have going on right now, you're wrong. That's because Del Taco has now started selling their signature hot sauces — Mild, Del Inferno, and Del Scorcho — by the case. That means for the reasonable price of $135, you could be the proud owner of 2,400 packets of the best fast food hot sauce.

If you unfortunately live outside a reasonable distance from a Del Taco, then I apologize if you've never tried it before. It's like Taco Bell's hot, older cousin who just does everything a little bit better. If you're living in Hawaii or Alaska, I'm sorry to say Del Taco is not currently shipping cases to your states — but hopefully soon!

To see more hot sauce options, plus a menagerie of different merch items, make your way over to their website and go nuts.