Chips Ahoy! Debuts Limited-Edition Cookies and Donates One Million to Art Programs

Household snack brand Chips Ahoy! has just partnered with Boys & Girls Club of America (BGCA) to launch the new campaign Follow Your Art. The campaign was inspired by a desire to support teens pursuing the arts and in response to a stark decline in funding for art programs across America.


With a 40% decrease since 2001, the brand recognizes the important role the arts play to a large part of their customer base, which are teens. As a creative with an art background, I understand how necessary it is for kids to not only have creative outlets but access to resources as well. 

The Follow Your Art campaign aims to provide better access to the tools and resources teens need to follow their art.  In teaming with Boys & Girls Club of America (BGCA), Chips Ahoy! will donate $1 million to help fund BGCA art programs over the next three years.


To accompany the initiative, Chips Ahoy! is also releasing limited-edition cookies with blue coated candy pieces that were inspired by the BGCA brand colors. Further highlighting young artists, the packaging features designs inspired by six BGCA teens that won a national contest, along with $2,500 to sweeten the win. You can find the specially designed packaging nationwide by May.

 "We're proud to launch this campaign to help bring happiness to our fans — not just with our cookies, but from making a difference with one of their big passion points, the arts and self-expression — all while giving back to our communities through a great organization," said Julia Rosenbloom, Brand Manager, Chips Ahoy! at Mondelēz International. "The reality is that art education is being deprioritized and the Chips Ahoy! Follow Your Art program was created to help give more teens access to arts programming they need and deserve. We hope this helps more teens find their happy place."

The launch of the campaign also included an immersive art experience for members of Variety Boys & Girls Club in Los Angeles hosted by Chips Ahoy!. The event had live poetry, a painting class and celebrity Mario Lopez, who is also a BGCA alum himself.


"I grew up in Boys & Girls Clubs of America, so the organization has a special place in my heart," said Lopez. "I'm so appreciative of the work Chips Ahoy! is doing to benefit Boys & Girls Clubs of America and its members. I hope I was able to inspire members of the Variety Boys & Girls Club by telling them about my journey of developing my passion for theater."

If you’re looking for a way to support the arts, Chips Ahoy! Is launching the Follow Your Art Sweepstakes which contributes an additional $1 donation, up to $100k, for every entry from April 4th - June 30th. 20 people who enter will have a chance to win a grand prize of $1,000 to go towards their artistic pursuits and lastly, if you’re one of the first 100 to enter, you will automatically receive a $250 gift card to an online art retailer.

To enter the Follow Your Art sweepstakes, follow @chipsahoy on Twitter or Instagram and post a photo or video showing the creative passion that makes you happy with the hashtags #cafollowyourart and #sweepstakes. Another way to enter is to visit, complete the registration form, and share the creative passion that makes you happy.