Caffeinated Soup-Free Cup Noodles Are Here For Gamers

Photo: Nissin

If you're one of those people running down to the pantry at 1am grabbing snacks and coffee to stay awake for video games, then you might want to listen up. The gamer life just got an upgrade with a caffeinated Cup Noodles!


Japanese noodle company, Nissin, is dropping caffeinated noodles in two flavors: Garlic and Black Pepper Yakisoba — which contains shrimp, pork, egg and cabbage — and Curry, which uses a base of pork and vegetables.

Wondering why caffeinated noodles are needed? Well, according to Nissin, "The gaming population in Japan is growing year by year, especially among young people, and the number is said to have surpassed 50 million."

Surprisingly, the new innovative product is also soup-free, which means no mess for your gaming chair and equipment — basically a win-win situation.

The loophole is that this product is only available in Japan starting on September 18 so if you know anyone heading to Japan, have them pack you a suitcase full to help you get your gaming on through the night.