If McDonald's Made Big Mac Wings, This Is What They'd Look Like

Years ago, back when I worked at McDonald's, my go-to break time meal would be a Big Mac with extra sauce and four Chicken McNuggets. I'd take the McNuggets and dip them into the excess sauce from the burger. 


It was bliss. 

The latest Foodbeast recipe challenge puts the family to the task, with the theme being one of my favorite foods of all time: chicken wings.

Wanting to combine my love of the Big Mac Nugget combo with this new recipe challenge, I decided to create a Big Mac-stuffed Chicken wing with a little inspiration from Canada's chef de partie of outlandish foods, Josh Elkin. 

The result tasted precisely like a mouthful of Big Mac and Chicken McNuggets. 


Check out the video above to see exactly how you can recreate these Big Mac Wings and other game-changing Chicken Wing Recipes. 

This week's challengers include Sarah (@nutrientmatters), myself (@pham_bot), Gary (@bitemebbq), Rudy @rudeluv, Reach @reachhard_, and Tiffy (@tiffy.cooks). 

Alright y'all. Which chicken wing recipe are you cooking up this weekend?