6 Must-Try Items At Disney's Lunar New Year Celebration

Disneyland is inviting fans to step into the magic of its 2024 Lunar New Year celebration and enjoy the holiday-inspired foods that the theme park has lined up. The vibrant flavors of new menu items like Bulgogi Pizza and Dragon Fruit Churros are sure to get anyone in the mood to partake in the Lunar New Year vibes. Here's 6 items to try from their new seasonal lineup.

Char Siu Turkey Leg

Disney's mastered turkey legs and its borrowed the typically roasted pork flavor of Cantonese char siu to set the tone for the Lunar New Year celebrations.


Quesabirria Egg Rolls

Birria is undeniable. Apply it to most cuisines and it's sure to be a banger. In this case, we're playing these cheesy, savory egg rolls on repeat to party Lunar New Year style.

Mandarin Orange Mousse Cake


This cake is almost too good to eat. Emphasis on almost, because it's rich with citrusy deliciousness that serves as a perfectly sweet conclusion to any meal.

Bulgogi Pizza

Savory bulgogi beef serves as the delectable crown to this pizza. The marriage of both favorites makes this a must-have option to ring in Disney Lunar New Year.

Dragon Fruit Churros


What is a Disney experience without some churros? At Disney's Lunar New Year, this theme park fave gets a fruity zing from Dragon Fruit and a toasted coconut topping.

Egg Cream Foam Iced Coffee

Luscious egg cream sweetens this iced coffee, providing a satisfying caffeine jolt that gets better with each sip.